Program 30 March 2016

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Theme of the day: Merging industry and research



Room: Gæstekantinen
Aalborg University, Copenhagen
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen

The aim of this workshop is to:

• Create possibilities for partnerships between industry, major universities and hospitals in Denmark and USA within telehealth research
• Obtain new knowledge within telehealth from TTRN members in Denmark and USA
• Become a member of TTRN

Moderators: David Lindeman, Director Health, CITRIS, UC Berkeley and Birthe Dinesen, Associate Professor, Telehealth & Telerehabilitation Laboratory, Aalborg University (AAU)

08:00Breakfast at Aalborg University (AAU), CPH Campus
08:30 Welcome to TTRN workshop by David Lindeman, CITRIS, UC Berkeley & Birthe Dinesen, AAU
08:40Presentation of "Personalized Telehealth: A Global Research Agenda" formulated by TTRN members presented by Birthe Dinesen, AAU and David Lindeman, CITRIS, UC Berkeley
09:00”Merging innovation, teaching and research - an Aalborg University Perspective” by Kim Dremstrup, Head, Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University
09:30"Knowledge for the world – Aalborg University as a driver for future interdisciplinary research” by Pro-rector Inger Askehave, Aalborg University
09:45Coffee & tea - networking
10:00Project bazaar: Aiming towards new research projects - an open invitation to existing and potential TTRN collaboration partners (researchers, companies, clinicians, etc.)

Presentation of research projects (max. 3 slides per project):

• Future IT infrastructure in healthcare presented by Lars Dittman, Technical University of Denmark
• Future Heart presented by Nancy Albert, Cleveland Clinic
• Smart technologies for care at home presented by Thomas Nesbitt, UC Davis Health system
• Teleortho presented by John Hansen, Aalborg University
• Personalized medicine and datamining presented by Nicholas Anderson, UC Davis Health System
• Virtual diabetes lab presented by Claudia Cangemi, Odense University Hospital
• Colon Capsule Endoscopy presented by Maria Magdalena Buijs, Southern Danish University
• Assistive Technologies presented by Ruzena Bajcsy, UC Berkeley
• Project ideas from Center of Model-based Medical Decision Support (MMDS) by Steen Andreassen, Aalborg University
• Nutrition and insulin treatment of the ICU patient by Ulrike Pielmeier, Aalborg University
11:15Companies are invited to present visions and technologies within telehealth (3 slides per company)
12:25Introduction to speed dating between researchers, clinicians and companies on research projects
13:00Speed dating session between researchers, clinicians and companies on research collaboration
14:00Plenum – possibilities for partnerships and next steps (coffee and tea will be served)
14:30Short break
14:35Guest lecture: "Telemedicine in California: From concept to large scale implementation" by Dr. Thomas Nesbitt, UC Davis Health System
15:00Round table: "Large scale implementation of telehealth solutions - opportunities and challenges"

• Mario Gutierrez, Executive Director of the Center for Connected Health Policy, CA, USA

• Thomas Nesbitt, Chief Scientist, Citris UC Berkeley & UC Davis Health System, CA, USA

• Nancy Albert, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Office of Nursing Research and Innovation, Cleveland Clinic Health System & Clinical Nurse Specialist, Kaufman Center for Heart Failure, Cleveland Clinic, OH, USA

• Kristian Kidholm, Research Manager, CIMT, Odense University Hospital, Denmark

• Birthe Dinesen, Associate Professor, Head of Laboratory for Assistive Technologies, SMI, Department of Health Science and Technology, AAU, Denmark

• Kim Dremstrup, Head, Department of Health Science and Technology, AAU & Head of The Danish Society for Biomedical Engineering, Denmark

• Jan Petersen, Chief Consultant, Medcom
16:00Reception & Networking - a light dinner will be served

*We kindly ask all presenters to forward slides in advance to Debbie Pedersen.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen