Read about the results from Teledi@log – telerehabilitation of heart patients

The Steering Committee for the Teledi@log project wanted to convey the results from the project to a wider audience in order that the successes of the project can generate inspiration for implementation of tele-rehabilitation programs for heart patients in collaboration between cardiac units and health centers in Denmark. Our results have shown that if we plan an individual rehabilitation for heart patients combined with the use of new technology, we can get more heart patients to actively participate in rehabilitation. Heart Patients express that tele-rehabilitation is an equally good alternative as rehabilitation at a hospital or in a municipal health center. We hope that the results of the project can be an inspiration for future cardiac rehabilitation in Denmark and internationally.

We will recommend you to see a video of the Teledilog project at YouTube, and read about the results from the Teledi@log project at

Teledialog Pjece 2016 in Danish.