TTRN PhD Course 2024: Research methods in digital health technology

TTRN PhD Course 2024:

Research methods in digital health technology

Venue: Odense University Hospital, Odense, Denmark

Dates: 2024, August 12-16

Course fee: DKK 3.800, € 510 or $ 550

Deadline, registration: 2024, Juni 10

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Course objective

The aim of the PhD course is to give a comprehensive introduction to research methods used in the different phases of the innovation process for digital health technologies such as telehealth, home monitoring, mHealth, video consultation, artificial intelligence (AI), clinical robots, etc.

Thus, PhD students will during the course learn about relevant research methods and their strengths and weaknesses in the design, assessment and implementation of digital health technologies. During the course the students will examine the possibilities for using the methods in their own PhD project.

The course focus on interdisciplinary research methods, assessment of the societal value of technologies, patient involvement, organizational challenges and have an interdisciplinary faculty and students from medicine, nursing, health policy, engineering, etc.

The course is relevant for PhD-students with interest in research in design, assessment and implementation of digital health technologies, including telemedicine, home monitoring, AI and clinical robots. Senior researchers with interest in these areas are also welcome.

Odense University Hospital is leading in European research and practical use of digital health technologies. During all days, clinicians from the hospital will participate and present examples of the use of digital health technologies in the clinical practise. In addition, all days will involve group work and students will give a presentation at the last day of the course and present their use of the scientific disciplines described during the course in their own research project.

The course is organized in collaboration with TTRN – Transatlantic Telemedicine Research Network and involves researchers from Danish and US universities including UC Berkeley, UC Davis and Cleveland Clinic.

Keynote at the International conference on Integrated Care (ICI24) in Belfast

Join the International conference on Integrated Care (ICI24): “Taking the leap: making integrated care a reality for people and communities”.

Professor Birthe Dinesen has been invited to give a keynote on “Using digital health to make integrated care a reality in Denmark – what have we learned so far?” at the International conference on Integrated Care (ICI24) taking place April 22-24 in Belfast, Ireland.

The conference programme has just been launched – take a look and join us in Belfast for an interesting conference.

COPD patients and telerehabilitation

Today the online newspaper “Avisen Danmark” has an article on results from the research study iTrain focusing on tele-rehabilitation of COPD patients in their own homes over a two-year period.

The study was carried out simultaneously in Denmark, Norway and Australia. The objective was to compare three types of rehabilitation for patients with COPD in the three countries.
In Denmark, the study was conducted as a collaboration between the Esbjerg Health Center, the Pulmonary Medicine Department of Southwest Jutland Hospital and Aalborg University.

The research project was headed by professor Paolo Zanaboni, Norwegian Center for e-Health research, Norway, professor Anne Holland, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and professor Birthe Dinesen, Aalborg University. The study was financed by the Norwegian Research Council.

Read the article in Danish at Avisen Denmark.

TTRN conference, Berkeley, Aug. 2023

The Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN) is pleased to announce the conference:

An International Perspective on Building Capacity in Health Care through Technology

August 22-23, 2023, at University of California, Berkeley, California, USA

The final program is available here

TTRN Conference 2023 at UC Berkeley, USA


The aims of this international conference are to:

  • Present and share research on building health care capacity through technology
  • Identify and communicate lessons learned about using technology to build health care capacity in an international context
  • Identify knowledge gaps for research around using technology to build capacity in health care
  • Stimulate exchange of ideas across disciplines for the next steps of digital health and identify research collaboration
  • Give early career researchers within digital health the opportunity to present their work and expand their international network

Call for abstracts

We invite you to submit an abstract or poster to this international scientific conference as well as share this announcement within your networks. Follow this link to the Call for Abstracts and Posters.

The deadline for submissions was April 15, 2023.

About the conference

For more information about this conference, please visit the conference website.


Conference registration is open at this link.

Visit to Japan January 2023


Professor Birthe Dinesen had a visit to Tokyo and JD TeleTech January 23-28 2023.

It was the first time after the COVID-19 pandemic that Dr Dinesen had a visit to Japan.

The aim of the visit was to meet with current collaborators and to establish new collaborators within JD TeleTech.

Thank you to Rumi at the Danish Embassy in Tokyo for help organizing the visits to the companies and other partners.

Visit Groove-X
Juntendo University

April 25 the JD TeleTech will have a round table at Jutendo University Hospital in Tokyo. Please stay turned on this webpage about more details.

Telerehabilitation of COPD patients reduces hospital admissions

Long-term unsupervised exercise training at home is an effective treatment strategy which can reduce hospital readmissions for patients with COPD, similarly to the effect of a supervised telerehabilitation strategy. These interventions have the potential to improve uptake and access to pulmonary rehabilitation and support long-term exercise maintenance strategies. Unsupervised training at home could be offered to patients with COPD who do not access PR or maintenance programs. Telerehabilitation may be useful for patients who are unsuitable for unsupervised training and need a closer follow-up.

We have had our results published in the well estimated journal: ”American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine”. You can read the paper here.

You can read more about the project here.

The project is a collaboration between Denmark, Norway and Australia. In Denmark the Pulmonary ward of Esbjerg Hospital and Esbjerg Healthcare Center has participated in the clinical part of the study. The Norwegian Research Council of Norway has financed the study.

Invitation: PhD Course 2023 at Cleveland Clinic

The Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN) is hosting a PhD Summer course at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio USA in 2023:

Digital Healthcare and Data Science:
Moving Toward Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Date: May 22-23 2023

Price: 339 Dollars

Download flyerRead more and register for the PhD course here.

Course Aims

  1. To provide a comprehensive introduction to big data research methods used in digital healthcare technologies aimed at providing service and engagement value to end users
  2. To present innovative ways that digital solutions and technologies can incorporate big data and artificial intelligence to move health care forward. Students will examine possibilities by describing and discussing the methods they plan to use in their PhD dissertation project
  3. To increase the sphere of international influence of PhD students by enabling them to network with other PhD students and early, mid- and late-career academic and clinical scientists and clinicians

10 years anniversary of TTRN

10 years anniversary of the Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN) was celebrated at the international conference: “Digital Health Beyond Covid-19: Lessons Learned” at Aalborg University in Copenhagen this week. We had the pleasure to have the American Ambassador Alan Leventhal from the US Embassy in Copenhagen visiting the conference and participate in the celebration of TTRN.

US Ambassador at TTRN 10year (CPH2022)

Many lessons learned, knowledge gaps identified and new research ideas developed. All will be collected in a white paper to come out in spring 2023.

Thank you so much to all presenters, technical staff, student helpers, the TTRN and the Novo Nordisk Foundation for supporting the conference.