Results from LOVOT study published

Results from study with persons with dementia and the social robot LOVOT has been published in the international journal: JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies.


The conclusion of the study is:

  • The LOVOT robot is the next generation of social robots with advanced artificial intelligence.
  • The vast majority of persons with dementia accepted the social robot LOVOT.
  • LOVOT had positive effects, opened up communication, and facilitated interpersonal interaction.
  • Although LOVOT did not create noticeable effects on social well-being, it gave individual persons a respite from everyday life.
  • Some residents were overstimulated by emotions after interacting with LOVOT.
  • Health care professionals accepted the social robot and view LOVOT as a new tool in the work with persons with dementia.

Read the full article: “Use of a Social Robot (LOVOT) for Persons With Dementia: Exploratory Study“.