Future Digital Technologies in Healthcare

How to design, test and evaluate digital technologies and services that engage, empower and motivate patients

Flyer TTRN PhD Summer School 2021

Date: August 11-13, 2021

Venue: Online and hybrid at Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark

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  1. To give a comprehensive introduction to research methods used in digital technologies in healthcare on how to design, test and evaluate the technologies and services that engage, empower, and motivate patients
  2. To present new digital technologies, theories and research methods in the design, assessment and implementation of digital health technologies. During the course the students will examine the possibilities for using the methods in their own Ph.D. project
  3. To give PhD students the possibility to create networks with other Danish and international PhD students and international researchers


The course is relevant for Ph.D. students doing projects on design, assessment or implementation of digital health technologies. The course is also relevant for Ph.D. students studying methodological aspects of health technologies in general. The course is interdisciplinary and relevant for students from medical, technical and social science faculties. Participants must submit a five page paper one week before the course about a research question related to their Ph.D. project and feedback will be given during the course (template will be provided).

Credits: 3 ECTS (to be confirmed)

Price and Registration

To be announced.

Further information will follow soon…