TTRN PhD Course 2024:

Research methods in digital health technology

Venue: Odense University Hospital, Odense, Denmark

Dates: 2024, August 12-16

Course fee: DKK 3.800, € 510 or $ 550

Deadline, registration: 2024, Juni 10

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Course objective

The aim of the PhD course is to give a comprehensive introduction to research methods used in the different phases of the innovation process for digital health technologies such as telehealth, home monitoring, mHealth, video consultation, artificial intelligence (AI), clinical robots, etc.

Thus, PhD students will during the course learn about relevant research methods and their strengths and weaknesses in the design, assessment and implementation of digital health technologies. During the course the students will examine the possibilities for using the methods in their own PhD project.

The course focus on interdisciplinary research methods, assessment of the societal value of technologies, patient involvement, organizational challenges and have an interdisciplinary faculty and students from medicine, nursing, health policy, engineering, etc.

The course is relevant for PhD-students with interest in research in design, assessment and implementation of digital health technologies, including telemedicine, home monitoring, AI and clinical robots. Senior researchers with interest in these areas are also welcome.

Odense University Hospital is leading in European research and practical use of digital health technologies. During all days, clinicians from the hospital will participate and present examples of the use of digital health technologies in the clinical practise. In addition, all days will involve group work and students will give a presentation at the last day of the course and present their use of the scientific disciplines described during the course in their own research project.

The course is organized in collaboration with TTRN – Transatlantic Telemedicine Research Network and involves researchers from Danish and US universities including UC Berkeley, UC Davis and Cleveland Clinic.