Workshop om gamification til telerehabilitering af hjertesvigtspatienter

Bianca Clavio Christensen, som er er PhD studerende ved Laboratoriet for Velfærdsteknologi, AAU, har afholdt workshop med hjertesvigtspatienter og pårørende på Viborg Sundhedscenter. Formålet er at udvikle gamification til at motivere hjertesvigtspatienter i et telerehabiliteringsprogram.

Der var over 15 hjertesvigstpatienter og pårørende til den første i en række af flere workshops inden der foreligger en prototype til i Future Patient projektet.

Vi glæder os til den fremtidige proces.

Visit by EON Reality and Teslasuit

Today, EON Reality and Teslasuit visited Department of Health Science and Technology (HST).

The aim of the visit was to discuss potential future collaboration and use of Virtual Reality (VR) in teaching and research. A demonstration of the companies’ technologies framed the discussions, and new ideas for future teaching and research methods appeared.

EON Reality demonstrated the Teslasuit that has a built-in full body haptic feedback system and can be engaged on actions, on demand, or in response to motion capture comparison.

EON Reality’s founder, CTO and researchers, and the CTO and researchers from Teslasuits participated and met with researchers, teachers, and management from HST.

Students at lecture with Obama

Saturday September 28 former US President Barack Obama visited Musikkens Hus, Aalborg, to give a talk on future leadership and entrepreneurship.

Cathrine, Kasper, Jens and Lahila, who are students working with Laboratory for Welfare Technology, Department of Health Science and Technology at Aalborg University, had the opportunity to hear the talk of Obama. They said it was very very inspiring.

Thank you to Aalborg University for giving the students the opportunity to participate in this important event.

TTRN’s 3rd interdisciplinary PhD course, Odense

The Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN) is having its 3rd interdisciplinary PhD course, “Research Methods in Innovation Processes for Digital Health Technology“, hosted by Kristian Kidholm, CIMT at Odense University Hospital.

There are PhD students from all over the world participating.

The Faculty at the course is from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Center for Connected Health Boston, DTU, OUH, SDU, Aarhus University and AAU.

We are looking forward to some exciting days in Odense and to help the new research colleagues moving forward with their research projects.

Minister ser på Hjerteportalen

Finansminister Kristian Jensen ser på Hjerteportalen
Overlæge Malene Hollingdal og Finansminister Kristian Jensen. Foto: Marianne Balsby, leder af Skive Sundhedscenter

Finansminister Kristian Jensen har i den forgange uge besøgt Skive Sundhedshus. I den forbindelse blev ministeren præsenteret for af overlæge Malene Hollingdal fra Hjerteafdelingen, Regionshospitalet Viborg & Skive.

Hjerteportalen er udviklet til hjertesvigtspatienter i forskningsprojektet Future Patient.

Læs mere om Future Patient projektet her.