Call TTRN PhD course 12-16 August

Research Methods in Innovation Processes for Digital Health Technology

12-16 August 2019 at Odense University Hospital, in Odense, Denmark.

The course is arranged by the University of Southern Denmark and the Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN).


The aim of the Ph.D. course is to give a comprehensive introduction to research methods used in the different phases of the innovation process for digital health technologies such as telehealth, home monitoring, mHealth, video consultation, robot surgery, artificial intelligence, electronic health record systems, POCT (Point of Care Testing) devices etc. Thus, Ph.D. students will during the course learn about relevant research methods and their strengths and weaknesses in the design, assessment and implementation of digital health technologies. During the course the students will examine the possibilities for using the methods in their own Ph.D. project.

Please see PDF here.