Phd Summer School Cleveland August 2022

Transatlantic Telemonitoring Research Network (TTRN) presents a PhD Summer Course:

Digital Healthcare and Data Science: Moving Toward Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Venue: Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA
Date: Aug. 11-12, 2022


  1. To provide a comprehensive introduction to “big data” research methods used in digital healthcare technologies aimed at providing “service” and “engagement” value to end users
  2. To present innovative ways that digital solutions and technologies can incorporate big data and artificial intelligence to move heath care structures, systems and processes forward. During the course, students will examine possibilities by describing and discussing the methods they plan to use in their PhD dissertation project
  3. To increase the sphere of international influence of PhD students by networking with other PhD students and early, mid and late career academic and clinical scientists and clinicians.

Program and Registration

For further information please follow this link and/or download flyer here.