Keynote on integrated care and digitalization in Denmark


The International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC24) has taken place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, April 22-24 2024. There has been more than 1100 participants from 50 different countries. It has been a very interesting conference with focus on how we better can build integrated care pathways and systems for better planning for patient care. There has been several sessions on how digital technologies can pave the way for more integrated care and many good examples of research projects came up.

Professor Birthe Dinesen gave a keynote on: “Using digital health to make integrated care a reality in Denmark – what have we learned so far?” No doubt that Denmark is in the forefront in Europe within digital health services. But we still have challenges like equity of health, integration of data across sectors between different IT systems, how to match patients/citizens ehealth literacy with the right technologies, implementation of digital technologies in a faster mode etc.

Thank you to director Fiona Lyne & team for a very well organised conference. Next ICIC25 takes place in Portugal May 14-16 2025.